Hey, in this article I walk you throw how to install activate and tweak your plugins for your WordPress website.

plugins are a terrific way to expand and enhance your website. if you’re looking to do something and you can’t quite seem to figure it out, there is more than likely a plugin to either do it or help you with it. it is how you can expand your website. so let’s go ahead and take a look at how we can add and edit plugins on our WordPress website.

Right on your sidebar is a plugins button, so just click on it and you have access to the all current plugins that you have installed on your website.

In order to get a plugin to take effect on your website you need to activate it. currently there are two default plugins that come with your WordPress website the Hello Dolly is a joke plugin you can live it or delete it. and there is Akismet Anti-Spam, By  Automattic  a plugin I actually recommend activating because this is a spam blocker that always up-to-date and you can keep your comments you get clean from spam. so the only thing you need to do with it is go to wordpress.com and get an API key to activate it.

Another thing that this plugins list does is it allows you to know when a new version of a plugin has become available. you can either view the details of that or you can just hit upgrade automatically to just update your plugin, and of course you can activate it just by clicking activate button or you can edit or delete it. if you edit the plugin you’re going to be presented with code so if you have those skills you can definitely edit these plugins to your liking but that’s something just for people who know what they are doing.

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Now let’s go ahead and try to add a new plugin.

so go to ‘add new’ you are brought to a page now where you can actually search the wordpress.org database for endless numerous plugins. this is similar to how the themes work, if you looked at my theme tutorial article I showed you how you can install themes right from your dashboard so you can either get your plugins from the wordpress.org website. or you can actually go to different websites download the zip files and then you can upload them just by clicking install button.

other options here are featured popular newest and recently updated plugins on the wordpress.org website. so you’re brought up with a bunch of different plugins that you can choose to install. they comes with all details that you can check you can read through there’s ratings because we users on wordpress.org rate them.  you can then find a plugin that you want and just click install, then you’re brought up to a clarification page that will gives you even more of a description, it gives you installation instructions and even view screenshots of the plugin. so you can see exactly what it does and what the backend looks like and all that kind of stuff.

anyway if you click install now it will go through the process download and install it for you. then it will appear in your plugins list that we mentioned before and then you can choose to activate it or edit or delete it if you choose to.

just click the activate button right now. now it’s going to tell you that it needs to be configured. so you can visit the plugin options page or you’ll see a link that says see configuration panel. most plugins tweaked on the back end will appear in your settings, they sometimes appear in different areas but most of time it’s going to be settings. if you can’t find where these settings are again you can always click that plugin options page and it’ll just take you right there. anyway settings is where you can tweak the plugin that you have activated. now that it’s activated you can use it.

so that is a little bit about plugins again there are thousands of plugins out there so if you need something for your website if you’re looking to expand if you’re looking to make things easier there’s probably a plug-in for that anyway.

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