In this article I’m going to instruct you how to install themes in WordPress.

seems easy! not for everyone.

first of all you need to know what is a theme? 

Theme represent the look and feel of your website. when you are changing a theme the look of your website front page is changing. you also changing how your posts looks on a single page and how your widget area will look like among many more things.

blogging-eb33b30f29_640now I will show you how you can change theme.  Like i mention when you are in appearance and then themes you will see that up top there is ‘add new’. so let’s click into this and you will find the featured themes, popular themes, latest themes, favorite themes that you could add different interesting themes you like. one way is by going here and searching for theme or if you’ll know the name of your theme which you would want to install you can type it in search themes. you have the opportunity to preview the theme and have a glance to see the changes. when you find the theme you like simply click install.  

once the theme is installed you’ll need to click activate O.k – now if you go back to your website you will see that the look of old website has changed. you have different looking pages and different layouts of our posts and pretty much everything in the look was changed. 

another way how to install themes would be to buy your favorite theme from an expert company and have it on your computer or go to search directly in, whenever you would want to get something from there you just need to click download O.k. then you would go back to themes on your website to upload. you will see a button upload theme on the top and you will click that upload. click open and install now. click activate O.k. the process would be the same.


now a Tip: before you activate the theme.
you will need to set your theme settings. you will find that many themes have different approach to set the theme. my tip is that you look at the customize settings in live preview mode before you activate the theme. if and when you are happy from your settings options, activate. now you can go to appearance and customize it any time.  


So this was the two ways how you can install and activate theme on your WordPress sites.

next I walk you throw how to install activate and tweak your plugins for your WordPress website.

Soon i will tell you how to create a child theme as well for your main theme of your WordPress site. meanwhile watch how to make a theme by yourself.